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We do the right things, doing our things right, with the pride of a Digital Craftsman.

Siili combines Design, Information Management, Architecture and Technology into a community of talented Digital Craftsmen and –women. We are all working towards the same goal -   developing our expertise together independently of platforms and technologies, and by doing so, making our customers’ business thrive with new or improved digital services. Currently there are 400+ of us across 6 sites (Helsinki, Oulu, Berlin, Wroclaw, Los Angeles & New York).

We are again kicking off our unique Junior Talent program Master & Apprentice (www.siili.com/fi/mestarijakisalli) in Helsinki, with a start date in early 2017. In this program you get to perfect your craft together with our best coders, designers, IoT masters and information management gurus through an intensive training and learning period, followed by a career as a consultant in our Siili family.
To learn more about Siili, please check out our webpages (www.siili.com), as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram pages!

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