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Looking for a challenging career in a diverse work environment? Work with UNHCR!

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is faced with an unprecedented number - over 65 million people - displaced due to ongoing conflicts and new emergencies. One out of every 113 people on earth has been forced to flee their homes. It is UNHCR’s job to face these challenges - to lead and coordinate international action for the protection of refugees and the resolution of refugee problems.

Today, UNHCR has over 15,000 staff members working in more than 450 locations across 125 countries. “Our staff,” Deputy High Commissioner, Kelly T. Clements, noted, “are the lifeblood of this organization - they bring their formidable skills, expertise, and passion to our humanitarian mission.” Given the many challenges facing the organization, UNHCR continues to seek new talent and skills to strengthen our team.  

A number of new programmes are underway to ensure that our workforce - of which 87 per cent are based in field locations -  keeps pace with the dynamic and challenging environments where we work.   


We advertise three key programs:


  1. Entry-level Humanitarian Professional Programme (EHP) for young talented candidates

  2. Talent Pools for highly skilled functional specialists  with the opportunity to work in different field locations

  3. Periodic International Professional Vacancies in positions that require a high level of functional and managerial skills

“Our goal is to harness the talent of our diverse workforce to meet the human resources needs in all our operations, emergencies or otherwise,” explains Karen Farkas, the Director of Human Resources Management at UNHCR. “UNHCR is also striving to better anticipate workforce needs and perform analyses of future workforce requirements with a view to closing gender gaps at all levels.”

Please visit http://www.unhcr.org/careers.html for information on UNHCR’s recruitment.