Welcome to our new CF Startup -area

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit at the Contact Forum 2024 event!
CF Startup is a new, separate area of the Contact Forum for those interested in entrepreneurship and eager future entrepreneurs. While the larger event connects higher education students and graduates with top employers, CF Startup nourishes the entrepreneurial spirit and offers future entrepreneurs valuable knowledge, guidance, and networking opportunities.

For companies, the area provides an excellent opportunity to reach new and upcoming talents who dream of various forms of entrepreneurship, and to showcase their own services that support and promote entrepreneurship!

For companies

Boost your company’s visibility among eager and ambitious students!

At the Contact Forum 2024 event, in conjunction with the traditional recruitment and career event, a separate CF Startup area is organized, connecting entrepreneurship-supporting organizations with higher education students and graduates aiming for entrepreneurship.

As an exhibitor, you will get to meet budding entrepreneurs, share expertise, inspire future makers, network with innovative youth, and assist them at the onset of their entrepreneurial journey. You also get the chance to tell a wide audience about your services, and how these support those just starting out in entrepreneurship or those who have already made progress.

Come join us in building the future of Finnish entrepreneurship together!

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For visitors

Have you been dreaming of owning a business or becoming a light entrepreneur? Or have you already started your own business but need additional guidance and motivation or want to explore new service providers?

CF Startup is a dedicated area for higher education students or graduates who are interested and eager future entrepreneurs! The event is a fantastic opportunity to receive practical guidance, information about entrepreneurship-supporting services, inspiring education, and valuable networking on the journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

What to expect at our event

Inspiring Speakers:
Hear stories and experiences from successful entrepreneurs who have walked the path you are possibly considering or are already on. They will share their lessons, challenges, and tips that can help you achieve success in your own business.

The event provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded young entrepreneurs. You can exchange thoughts, create collaborations, and gain new ideas for your own business. The right contact can help make an idea a reality.

Motivation and Energy:
The event is designed to give you new zeal and energy for entrepreneurship. You will leave home inspired and ready to tackle new challenges.