Arriving at the fair centre

The exhibition center is located close to the center of Helsinki, with good transportation connections. When arriving at Contact Forum, the southern entrance (Messuaukio 1) is the best choice.

The exhibition center can be reached by public transport. All local and long-distance trains stop at Pasila station. Various bus lines also pass through Pasila station.

The parking lot of the exhibition center is located on the same side as the north entrance (Ratapihantie 17).

Frequently asked questions

When is Contact Froum?
Contact Forum will be organized on Monday 28.1. At 10AM to 5PM.
Do I need to be a student to be allowed to attend Contact Forum?
Contact Forum is primarily for students and recent graduates, howerer all job searchers are welcome to the event!
How much does Contact Forum cost?
Contact Forum is completely free for all attendees. We only request that you register to the event beforehand. If you represent an organization and want visibility at the event please contact our Sales team.
Why do I need to register for the event?
Due to the Covid-19 situation we wish that as many attendees register to the event beforehand. This way we can avoid unnecessary queuing at the entrances.
Is the space accessible?
All entrances to the Fair Centre are accessible. There are elevators leading to all levels and most of the restaurants are also accessible.