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Would you like to participate in one of the largest recruitment events aimed at university students and recent graduates in Finland? The next Contact Forum recruitment fair will be held in a virtual environment on January 26.1-28.1.2021.

100% Virtual Contact Forum 2021

We have decided to move our next event completely into a virtual environment – and we are very excited! Creating an event in a virtual environment opens a lot of new opportunities to us and also allows us to create something completely new. This concept also makes it possible to create an event that ensures the safety of our visitors and company representatives safely without the risks involved with the pandemic of Covid19.

The virtual event extends Contact Forum’s normally held one-day recruitment fair into a multiple-day recruitment event!

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The event is offering many different services that are created for you to reach out more efficiently to your target audience. Contact Forum’s team is more than happy to help you create program on your exhibition stand – we have many ideas in our back pocket!

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Our new concept obviously means that there are going to be changes in the new fair packages that we’re planning for sale.

The new packages will be released on this page as soon as possible.

Our visitors represent different universities and different phases of studies. Contact Forum aims to bring together a wide variety of students that are looking for different types of employment. This means that while some are seeking full-time jobs, some might also be looking for summer jobs and their first internships! This year we’ve made it easier for recruiters to reach their target groups in order to make the recruitment process quick and successful.

Virtual implementation now makes it a lot easier for visitors and recruiters from outside of Helsinki to attend the event too!

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How will the virtual event happen?

The virtual Contact Forum will be held using Hopin.to – virtual event platform. Hopin enables a large audience and aimed content.

Why Hopin? It enables, among other things:

  • A virtual event aimed for thousands of job applicants and hundreds of recruiters that is fully comparable to the live event, and gives everyone a chance to attend from any location.
  • Serves the needs of both recruiters and job applicants: Scheduled days for different industries and areas of profession, targeted workshops and a recruiter search box helps to bring applicants and recruiters together.
  • Offers an interactive experience just like in a live event: Stage presentations, networking and encounters at a recruiter’s booth can all be found in virtual Contact Forum.
  • NEW: International theme day for those interested in working in an international environment.

Lower prices to Early Bird customers

We want to thank our Early Bird customers for the trust and commitment towards our event, which is why we will offer you first priority and lowered prices for the upcoming fair packages.

The customers that participated in the last event will receive new deals for the fair packages via mail in the beginning of October.

If you have signed up and don’t want to attend the virtual event, your attendance will be moved to the next Contact Forum event in January 2022. The price of your pre-booking payment will be subtracted directly from your next fair package. If you wish to completely cancel your participation in the event, you can do so free-of-charge by letting us know about it by 30.9.2020.

Questions about the terms and conditions?

Reserve a phone call and see what would suit you best!

Services to boost your success

Stand out and boost the efficiency of making meaningful contacts on the day of the event by using Contact Forum’s additional services. With additional services you can reach out to your target audience before the actual day of event. You can get more information on services from Contact Forum’s team!

Features of our virtual platform

Contact Forum is a great place to find the most interesting applicants and skilled workers for your company: our target group is diverse and includes all university students across Finland.

The virtual fair has a lot of different features and these are the most important:

Grow the network and meet new candidates

Contact Forum offers targeted discussion groups for your target audience, for instance a group of students from certain branch or geographical area.

Virtual Contact Forum makes interaction easy between recruiters and job applicants. You can have conversations over our virtual showroom, networking-tool and in themed conversation rooms. Conversations take place via chat and one-on-one video calls or in groups.

The event will last for multiple days and lasts around 2 hours at a time.

The virtual Contact Forum will have a lot of familiar content from the previous events, such as speakers, webinars, workshops, networking and one-on-one conversations with new acquaintances! In addition, our virtual implementation makes it possible to sort targeted sessions to specific target audiences such as students of a certain field of study or geographical location.

Flexible virtual event

The best thing about the virtual implementation is its flexibility: You can easily move from one activity to another and meet applicants across Finland without having to leave your home or office!

In a virtual environment your company can effortlessly invite multiple applicants to conversations and company introduction sessions! You can, for example let people from your company that have previously started as trainees to jump in and share their own experiences.

You can also use your previous videos or other digital content that you may have ready.