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The next Contact Forum takes place in Messukeskus, fair hall 4, on Thursday January 23th 2020 from 10 am to 5 pm. In addition to various career opportunities provided by our exhibitors, Contact Forum offers a variety of services and program around career planning.

Register in advance to avoid waiting in lines on the event day!

We will raffle a LinkedIn-training by Pipsa Aro between those who register in advance. Also print your name tag in advance to skip lines and be the first to meet your new employer!

Remember to keep your name tag visible, because employers can scan your information from it and contact you after the event.

Color code to ease encountering employers

At the entrance to the event you can choose colors to place on your name tag. These colors can signal your studies or the fields and positions you are interested in. An employer can get an idea of what your strengths are with a glance, so don’t be alarmed if you are dragged for an interview from the crowd.

The color coding and corresponding fields:

Purple – Management, HR, General office skills.

Orange – ICT

Gold – Public sector, Associations

Red- Sales, Commercial sector, Customer service

Yellow – Marketing, Media, Communications

Green – Finance, Accounting

Blue – Technical fields, Industry, Construction

Fair Map


Fair app

Download Contact Forum 2020 mobile application!

There you will find all the information about the event: the fair map, all the attending companies and the stage promgram – just to name a few. You can also book a time for CV Photoshoot or CV Consulting in advance.

Also check out our exhibitors open positions from the app!

Theme and schedule

Searching for the right company culture? Welcome to Contact Forum!

How do different company cultures differ from one another? How do I recognize the kind of culture that fits me? Our aim for this event is to tackle these questions and much more! Come and hear what tips and tricks our experts have for you and meet the representatives of different companies to figure out your next employer’s culture!

Our speakers will tell you all and more about company cultures and personal improvement on our Stage. See you there!

Stage Program

10:30 Mikko Hannula, Infinera Oy
The Infinite Network for 5G – Making the impossible probable!

11:00 Saana Rossi, Vincit
Kuinka selvität, sopiiko yritys sinulle?

11:30  Siemens
We make real what matters – yrityskulttuuri Siemensillä. 

Puhujina Kirsi Rejman, Miia Suomela ja Juho Lammasniemi.

12:00 Anssi Rantanen
Heikko opintomenestys ei estänyt unelmien saavuttamista. Miten Anssista tuli menestynyt sarjayrittäjä?

12:30 Sanna Koivuranta, Tunto-palvelu
Aidot arviot työpaikoista

13:00 Pipsa Aro
Parhaat vinkit LinkedIniin

14:00 Tom Efrati
Pommisuojasta toimitusjohtajaksi – Tomin polku yrittäjäksi

14:30 Outi Hohti, S-Ryhmä
Kommunikaatio on supervoima

Blind Date – flash interviews for employment opportunities!

Don’t restrict your chances and get encountered without preconceptions: in Blind Date – flash interview you can expand your knowledge of potential employers and you might even get asked for a second interview!

This is a lightning-interview where you don’t need a CV, degree or college has no weight and you won’t even know what company is interviewing you. Instead you will be told what kind of skills they are looking for and what kind of a position they have open.

Enroll for an interview if you possess the skills or characteristics one of the companies is looking for. Your job is to tell them of your strengths, how you would like to improve and what kind of working method or -culture you appreciate. At the end you will find out which company you were just interviewed by!

Company 1:
Software quality assurance, Test planning & management, Robot Framework, Python, Test automation

Company 2:
Passion for learning new technologies, Capable of independent work and quick thinking, Interest in DevOps, Interest in software development

Company 3: Software development, shipbuilding, teamwork, growth hacking!

Enrollment is open in the Contact Forum 2020 – app. Limited number of spots!

CV Clinic

Are you looking for ways to improve your CV to increase your chances of finding a new job? Do you already know which CV buzzwords describe your abilities? Let CV Clinc’s recruiters have a look for your resume and then – you will be ready! CV consultation is free for all visitors.

CV Photoshoot

Would you like to have your photo taken by a professional?

At Contact Forum, you can visit our CV photoshoot and have good quality photos for free for your applications and LinkedIn!

Arriving at Messukeskus

Messukeskus fair center is located close to the centre of Helsinki, with excellent transport connections. For Contact Forum, southern entrance (Messuaukio 1) is the best choice.

Messukeskus accessible through public transport. Tram lines 7 and 9 stop right at Messukeskus. All local and long distance trains stop at Pasila. There are also various bus lines operating via Pasila station.

The Messukeskus Car Park is located on the same side as the Northern Entrance (Ratapihantie 17).

Student collaboration and campus transportation

Is your student organization interested in having an excursion to our event? We sponsor organized arrivals and student events. We also have bus transportation from student cities to Messukeskus!

Contact us, and we will help you attend our event!

Enrollment to buses has been opened for Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Kouvola and Kotka colleges (LUT & XAMK). For more information on the free transportation enrollment, contact contactforum@contactforum.fi