Virtual Recruitment Event

Showroom – the virtual fair stand

Showrooms are a space for networking on a low threshold: Visitors can let you know about their interest towards a company by the click of a button!

All participating employers have their own fair stands, also known as Showrooms in Hopin. Showrooms can be found at the Expo-area.

Showroom contains:

Name, logo, banner & short introduction text of the organization
Chosen links (for example forms and job advertisements)
Place for the visitor to leave contact details and inform the employer about their interest towards the organization
Chat for the visitors’ questions
Tool for making short polls
Q&A where the company can answer via chat or a livestream
Video (live stream or a recording: Youtube or Vimeo link)

Discuss interesting topics in Meetups

Visitors from the group conversations can also be invited for private conversations!

Meetup is a place for group conversations that can have up to 20 video participants and hundreds of viewers. Meetups can be found at the schedule of the event. The conversations can be open or limited to a specific target group. 

Visitors can engage via video call as well.

What is required for Meetups?

Moderator that guides the conversation + other participants, good network for the video, banner photo and an introduction text. The maximum time limit for the session is 45 minutes. 

Networking made easy

Did you find someone interesting in Meetups or Showrooms? Easily find visitors with the ‘People’ feature and schedule a private one-on-one meeting in chat!

Each company representative is given a ticket that grants the possibility for networking with every visitor. There are no limits for the number of company representatives.

Contact Forum is also arranging workshops and conversations in Meetups.

Speak on our Stage?

Would you like to share targeted content for the students and future professionals in the field of study that matches with your interests?

Let your professionals and speakers give a voice to your company. 

Impress visitors with high quality content while we take care of the filming in a professional manner. Your presentation can include slideshows, videos and multiple speakers. During the webinar speakers can answer questions on chat, and after the webinar it’s also possible to answer with a live video stream. 

The speaker’s photo and topic will be included in the stage schedule and to the event’s introduction page.

Webinars will be filmed in January in Helsinki Messukeskus. If you don’t want to use our filming services, you can also film your own videos. 

All webinars will be recorded and sent to every visitor after the event.

Schedule for the webinars:

Extend the recruitment marketing with virtual event

Easy video communication, chats and streams – all under the same site.

The platform of the Virtual Fair also offers comprehensive search and filtering features for participating companies, the event program, and attending people. In addition, both employer representatives and visitors can share more information about themselves, such as a presentation and a LinkedIn profile.

Participation on a low threshold from anywhere in Finland opens the doors of the event to more comprehensive target groups.

Frequently asked questions

When does the event open and is it possible to test it?

You can find a link to the demo event introduction here. Registered recruiters will be able to test the event for the first time in December and also in January a few days before the event opens. 

How many visitors can attend the virtual event?

No worries – up to 100 000 visitors can attend the event! We have not limited the amount of company representatives to attend the event either. Recruiters will get their own ticket type, expanded actions in Hopin and entries to the event. 

Where do I find the content and price for each fair package?

You can have a look at our virtual fair packages here.

What is included in a fair package?

Each package contains a virtual fair stand, job advertisements and introductions in Contact Forum’s Recruiters 2021-page. Have a look at our virtual fair packages here. 

How many visitors do you have in your events and what field of study are your visitors from?

In last January’s Contact Forum we had over 5500 visitors and we had visitors from all universities across Finland. Most visitors were from University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. We’re also arranging own streaming events for the different student unions from different universities. We do marketing directly to universities, student unions and different recruitment channels. The pre-registration to our visitors opens in December, which is when we’ll get the first information about our visitors. 

Can the fair be billed for 2020 or 2021 and what is the cancellation policy? 

Early Bird registrations can be cancelled free of charge until the end of October 2020. We charge a 50% pre-registration fee in the autumn of 2020 if a company that has previously signed up for the physical event (2021) and wants to move their participation to the 2022 event. 

A company can cancel their registration for 14 days after signing up by informing us with a written notice. If a company wants to cancel their attendance later than 14 days after the registration, they will be charged half (50%) of the registration fee if the cancel happens before 1.11.2020. If participation in the event is cancelled later than 1.11.2020, a full registration fee (100%) will be charged.

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